Goygrub purge time

They are ruining the site

I am a seer from the future and ut is ovuous

you didn't even have an nadota account

Just because someone was born after 9/11 doesnt mean they cant cry about it

wouldn't the site just be plasma and jdance threads with a mafia game thread at 3 signs?

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thegreatwiNgdiNgi posting wordles too probably

Im just a woman with an opinion

We are occupying 7 active user slots currently.

The greatest GoyClub troll yet

The reason for that is that the goy club chased all the other users away.

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Like who? Huber for sure said he cant stand reading jones posts but the mass exodus happened prior to any of this

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I am strong now.

i mean a lot of their stuff is repugnant no doubt and i have a higher tolerance or even affinity than most for degeneracy but who was even around to get spooked


What do u think sirus

idk looks fine. i was never a lifter your bodybuilding friend might give you more

I am swollen

im not entirely sure what muscle bulking really does for you besides pickup/putdown heavy thing and aesthetics

I do 5 sets of pushups every other day for fun

seems healthy as habits/hobbies go though