GrandGrant Suicide Watch Thread

Today is Tuesday June 23rd and the time is 8:18 AM PST, and GrandGrant has not yet become an hero.

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delete this

I would say that he never was a hero

pretty sure there's a legitimate cause for concern here.

Ya really thought a grass roots caster who spends more time cracking jokes and insulting players questionable decisions would be a saint who wouldnt make questionable decisions when it came to women?

IDK man look at the absolute state of dota and tell me that you really aint see the me too ■■■■■■ coming for these computer gaming autist who legit play the most mentally ill autistic game ever? Like how do you not know by now that anyone about 4k MMR has some SERIOUS mental illnesses that only amplify by how much further than 4k you are.

Grandgrant better not kill himself, he needs to relax and keep doing his thing, or just take some of that bts money and wipe his tears with it. He got some prime pussy before she likely got tore up by the rest of the dudes in the dota scene, he was the first to put her on. I been knew that guy was a groper, i just look at him, he look like he would do some beta shit like that. He got no confidence thats why he had to black out drunk the lil girl.

How’s this still up jesus

why would it be taken down? this isnt reddit

and i was thinking earlier today about how grand grant suicide wouldnt be surprising at all considering recent events. dudes life revolved around dota for like 15 years

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yeah shame he couldn't keep his autism and sexual urges in check

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its literally his life. his life was destroyed in a day with unproven, non concrete, story telling.

there used to be a suicide watch thread every week lol

Well this is the official watch thread.

Usually the greatest risk of an impulsive decision is during the next 72 hours. After that, probability of becoming an hero decreases dramatically.

Grant, if you're reading this, we all make mistakes and women are deceitful cunts who love double standards.

As men, we grow up to realize the world isn't fair. We just learn to smile and pretend it is, give up our spots in line to others, and act like we're showered with privilege despite the fact that gamers are all mostly some form of betas who get eaten alive by the world. Saying that we feel like we're not treated fairly gets you chastised as a male chauvinist pig, whiney bitch, etc etc etc and then you fall in line

I've done my fair share of creepy shit, and as to whether I would have done those things if I was semi famous is up for debate, but don't let the white knights of reddit get you down. Remember who you are and the cesspool which you and the rest of us came from and say fuck these stupid bitches when they try to ruin your life over the fact that you grabbed a stupid bitches wrist when you were drunk, or like how even if a drunk chick says 'fuck the shit out of me!' when you're blackout drunk, it's still somehow your fault.

We live in a time where we glorify victims and the lines are being blurred between true victims of assault and stupid whiney bitches like the chick who said she was assaulted by aziz Ansari because she voluntarily sucked his dick and realized he never wanted anything serious with her which then made her question her self worth and self perception, which is totally not a thing everyone goes thru, it is exclusively onoy an experience that women have and it's caused by evil men.

It is still Tuesday, the time is 3:00 PM PST and grant might still be alive or he might not.


Fuck incels

Log is an incel living in denial. Basically you're Leonardo dicaprio and you're the star of incel Island where you think you're some alpha male detective solving a case to find a missing incel, so you interview all the incels and then the final scene of the movie you turn out to be the biggest beta incel and decide to get a lobotomy because truth fuckin hurts

Dude fuck you LALALALALALA I'm not reading that it's crusty cake frosting FUCK yOU

i feel like this thread should be closed/locked bc suicide really isnt a joke.

also theres a grant thread that serves the purpose of this anways