How do I grey box yns?


what browser do you use

youll need to add an extension and to put in some code i can write for you. greyboxing is on the horizon but not here yet


Thanks :)

add the extension “stylebot”, use it to target
then paste this in there

[data-user-id=“29”] {background: #1f1005; max-height: 50px; overflow: hidden;}

and that should work. thats a dark shade of brown but youre free to do whatever hex, to add another username you just add a comma with their id. to do multiple its just[data-user-id=“29”], [data-user-id="###"]

to get the id right click the guy you wanna greybox do inspect element and look for the parent element that starts with article then look for data-user-id in the article.

i want to remove the offending posts at the layer 4 level

think i could do it with dpdk?

@Roragok thots?

can you make me ungrayboxable


Can I get a greybox for every current and future user


Can we get grey box in the next 6 months

Yeah it’ll probably be here before then if its really the top priority in the next major release of discourse

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Please release statistics on Greybox utilization when it is shipped

I want to answer the question, who is the most annoying forum user


Though you’re not necessarily the worst…

The worst are the moderators