Group therapy with parents tomorrow morning

My parents are NOT supportive of me transitioning. But have (shockingly) agreed to get therapy on the “issue” with me. I personally chose the therapist and made sure with a few 1 on 1 appointments that she is trans friendly and believes in affirming care.

She offers group and family sessions, so I am bringing my parents in tomorrow. Wish me luck. If anyone else did something similar I’d love to hear results/advice

This highlights the main problem with "therapy" - whoever is hiring the therapist is usually just trying to find someone who agrees with their perspective in hopes the other party can be bullied/gaslit into going along.

that is called a principal agent problem (something Osiris is unable to understand as displayed in Ukraino-Russo War threads).

(Osiris is unable to understand because he's a low IQ, biased to social desirability, moron).

High iq only means the ability to rationalize connections where they dont exist

that's just poor deductive reasoning