Guilty gear

Who else plays Guilty Gear and ideally isn’t a FGC wizard.

Looking for someone to play whos not just gonna destroy me every single time.

@sesh @kat @Zendo

ive got some other friends unrelated to here who might wanna play if you cant find any1.

I’m d. are yall west coast?

neither of them are west and sesh hasnt been ons team in a week so idk how to reach him

i dont play gg, just got friends who do

Idk if I am a wizard but Ive been playing this game for many years

I am on ps4 tho

Metalface and yumyum played too

Are you WC?

you’re gonna trash me cuz youre actually good at fighting games, but im still down to play.

I have it both on steam and ps4 but i almost never use my ps4 and idk if my roommate still has psn.

do you guys use sticks

i have a hitbox

oh right


Yeah I am in Socal for 3 more weeks

Midwest not very good May player here. can play on pc or ps4