ok look some girl I was fuckin like last year asked me to watch her apartment over the holidays while she goes out of town now I’m straight up down just off that because it’s a sweet ass apartment in a nice ass area and I’m with that shit but what are the odds u think she’s gonna let me fuck again? I mean she was on birth control and let me just straight nut in her plus she swallows so I’m like so down to fuck you guys think she’s gonna let me? She wants to meet with me tomorrow at her place at like 10:30 in the morning to talk or some shit but she hasn’t really even told me wtf she’s tryna talk about so I’m hoping she lets me get it in right there as a good faith fuck for watching her shit.

@nyte you’re a woman, in this position would you let me smash if we had smashed before??

It’s also not a big deal if she lets me or not because I could for sure bring a girl back there and smash I mean the apartment is LIT



If she doesn’t let you hit it then you could always show her the jdance cum video to change her mind


worse case you hump her pillows

Hopefully I’ll be making my own video to show Jdance

Like fuuuuck we had the best sex


no sex

You really wanna send a vid to jdance? That sounds so fucking sad to me

don’t humor the weird Michigan pizza delivery pedo lmao

Did you still bring a girl (or bro) back to the apartment?

no I felt it would’ve been a gross abuse of her trust


Going for the when she returns fuck I dig it

I think that’s the play here but it might not play out

I mean this happened yesterday at like 8 o’clock at night she matched with me and we were talking and she asks me this which I’m pretty sure means “we can meet up and fuck” but I just ghosted her because she’s too thicc for me. So I most likely could’ve had sex with someone at her place but that would’ve been a little weird

Like 8pm on Christmas Eve bitch where the fuck you wanna go

Shoulda just gone over and smanged why u afraid of women with proper proportions

she’s clearly overweight and not “proper proportions”

Let her bounce on ur dick anyway cuh


no way im not down