halo infinite

who playing add me i am xboxliveLMAO878

It sucks

bring back vehicle only playlists

this drip feed stuff is BS I want all the playmodes

snipers only

did they bring back the dank assymetric 1 sided ctf or assault maps like relic and such

no. but the new maps aren't bad and the new weapons are neat

the snipers like 2-3 shot vehicles lol

yes there are 1 side CTF albeit rarely in quickmatch

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no assault tho which is cringe

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@SOPHIE game?

this game sounds so bad

multiplayer gameplay is great, everything else is a misfire

free to play monetization except its also $80 no thanks

it's not lol you only have to pay for campaign


no reason to while coop isn't in the game either

well sadly my PC couldnt run it anyway