Halo Reach

Hey guys :)

halo reach comes out 12/3/2019. I'm down to play with you guys sometime. Probably after finals would be best though lol.

Hello. Halo boomer here. From the state of Ohio(best Halo state). Looking for non-scrubs to play with

i'll download it when i'm done with paper mario bug version

how is it

has very good game feel

My biggest complaint is no mappable push to talk option. bound to V and I play on controller because im a Chad

yeah that sucks ass tbh. Port is pretty crappy, but the game is good


Halo 3 on Tuesday. Iā€™m excited

I might buy it now that I'm off WoW

I think on steam sale u can buy the whole package for like 30 bukcs

down to play 3 or reach