Hamburger Helper Modification Thread (Souping Up Hamburger Helper) (Supercharged)

As I have been jobless with $40 to my name for the last month, I have had to partition my money to survive.

I currently eat once every 72 hours. My weight is dropping quick.

In order to survive, I consume hamburger helper for each meal. ($2.49 per pound of gas station ground beef, and $1 per box of hamburger helper). This puts my food cost at roughly $40 per month.

But Matthew, does hamburger helper get boring?

No. It doesn't. I supercharge it by adding new ingredients such as:

  1. Green Peppers
  2. Red Peppers
  3. Onion
  4. Season Salt
  5. Crushed Red Pepper

There is a package of frozen trio blend of green, red pepper, and onion in my freezer that should last me until I get money for my birthday. Obviously I have enough seasoned salt and crushed red to last for a long time.

Hamburger Helper progress pictures:

Matthew, what is the point of this thread?
It's obvious, this thread proves that the federal minimum wage is a living wage, so long as you create the proper environment for yourself. You can eat well and even thrive off of $40 per month with relative ease. You simply need to be smart with your money, and to be comfortable with extreme hunger.

Thanks for reading.

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Currently very hungry, looking forward to hamburger helper tomorrow.

This is what I will be eating tomorrow:

Thanks for reading

As for what I'm doing right now? Just sitting here and waiting for my next hamburger helper meal.

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Looks great Matt. One modification I would suggest is cooking your various ingredients in separate pans and then combining them at the end so that you are not incorporating all that grease.

Also I do not know what goes into a "Hamburger Helper" but at $1 per box you could really broaden your offerings with comparably priced options like Kraft Mac and Cheese, any shape of boxed pasta (try the flower shapes - very big with the ladies) - plus maybe you could budget a little better and then splurge on a can of tomato sauce as a nice weekend treat.

All in all I give it a solid 7. Keep up the good work.

Also another tip for your Hamburger Helper thread is to remember not to harass women

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She harassed me first, as evident in her reply to my thread. Please stop white knighting a serial harasser.

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This is depressing. Do you have a donation button? I'd chip in

I believe that my zelle is Thanks for your contribution. If we get enough contributors, I will create a patreon with unique subscriber tiers for varying rewards.

Thanks again

However, don't use the PayPal. I don't remember the password, and I no longer have 2fa because my phone number changed.


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Yes we are good. I am going to attempt to move to Iowa and live out of my car there.