happy new years

what are your plans?

  • chill at home gaming, spending time with partner, low key
  • going out to a social occasion despite knowin you’ll be miserable
  • partying at home with various drugs + lots of booze by yourself and probably feeling depressed the whole time
  • partying with friends with coke molly xanax booze w/e (knowing you’ll have a good time)
  • completely pretend the day doesn’t exist and watch a movie
  • play dota or other games, few drinks, few buds, have a pleasant evening
  • existential crises
  • sit around writing new years resolutions for 3 hours and signing up for gym memberships

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Where is the "at work" option

wtf are these options

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I'm seeing family

You don't work on new years

You are under the impression that pizza places are not open on new years?

Are they really

Of course

Stupid fucking arbitrary holiday

Stupid fucking drunk people celebrating an arbitrary holiday while ordering pizzas drunk

Is it more arbitrary than most holidays

People have been celebrating new years since we had civilization


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The number changes. That's it

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Jdance is like the edgy college freshman talking about holidays are meaningless

You're meningitis

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He has the brain of a 19 year old, he is developmentally stunted

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I'm not. You are

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I’m far more mature, fuck far more bitches, make far more money, and driver far nicer cars.

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