Happy Thanksgibbin Ya'll

What are you all thankful for? I’m thankful for the JONES + nyte saga and JDance being banned

thankful for the content being hosted in the flatsix discord

I’m also thankful for my Patagonia

thankfull for jdance beign in the playpen

Thankful for being born in a first world country, during an era of prosperity

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lol see u in 20 years man

having a mental breakdown atm

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what do you mean?

I’m listening to yellow man on black Wednesday

youre lying.

Mental breakdowns take many forms- wouldn’t be wise to question or criticize anyone having one.

No you’re wrong

Opinions from an unwise man

I realize it took you 4 minutes to write that but that was the most pathetic insult i’ve ever seen. You’re really predictable and uncreative, i get that, but at least try to learn that after all these months on this forum that you are just wrong most of the times.
You’re only posting for attention whether you realize it or not and everyone else realizes that.

Why are u being mean to people on this peaceful holiday

Just relax and be pleasant to those around u

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Same goes for the people using this as an opportunity to rag on jdance - go fuck urselves

He was the one spamming the thread and I had to shut him down. Happy holidays

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It didn’t take 4 minutes.