Has @KrazyKat left yet?

The attention-seeking initial post:

The reality a day later:

More posting an hour ago:

So, has he gotten enough attention yet to make his inevitable "I'm joining the site again" post, or will he keep pretending that he has left

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Except I haven't made posts saying I'm leaving the site, then proceeded to not leave?

Its possible to think you want to do something at some point, and then partially or completely change your mind later. Many such examples of this.

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Yes I know it's possible; the decision to change your mind in this case is motivated solely on trying to create drama and get attention. That's the point of the thread.

No i think the decision was inspired mostly by posts like this. Why are you so sensitive?

Your response: im not sensitive, im the least sensitive person on this forum. Youre sensitive.

Thread closed


Oh, the irony!

So what youre saying is that i am actually the sensitive one right

The decision was inspired likely from failures of character predating so this forum by so many years.

Narcisstic personality disorder. Cause: being unemployed and reading classic american literature

I'm saying that, under the context that the term "npc" is typically used, you would be the most ideal candidate for that moniker on this site.

No you are

Such a brash and mindless diatribe. Comes with the territory.

No actually thats you

Still here.

good jokes mate real funny see you at FUCK YOUJ





With all the goy club ignored (except krob), I can read the forums in peace.
But I can't play mafia any more.