Having 115 iq - A middle eastern perspective

During my daily life i am surrounded by those with lower iq than me

Isolating me… .ferom the general public… alone… castout… just doomed… because of being too smart…

I am too smart to live with sand nigqers… They stink very bad… just stupid and dumb…

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You can always type words to Alightsoul he’s somewhere in the ballpark of your score at solving logic puzzles

having no job - an american perspective

applied to some custodial work this morning

custodial jobs are good, get into cleaning and ultimately fixing things. try to become a porter/handyman then become a superintendent

Jones is really aiming to be good will hunting or something

No he’s not it’s just a joke.

If thats his idea of a joke hes got a pretty twisted mind

No it’s not twisted, it’s standard satire.

Washing dishes at 24 - good will hunt

Yikes, doesnt sound like you can do math on the job there. Maybe try getting a janitor job at your local ivy?

thinking about getting a janitor job at my local grad school

dont have enough janitorial experience for either of those, looking for jobs iwth the city