Having A Bad Time // Serious Discussion

Hey! Lot of forums I have used (and communities; at that) have incorporated threads and sections without the need for flaming or jokes. Having a bad time currently - lots of stress building up. What about you?

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Wow is this a no flame zone?

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No inciting arguments or saying things to offend people - in some ways.

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Went to a funeral today so I’m kinda bummed but it’ll be aight

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Trying to get my car vacuumed before I go home and detail it. This place is taking forever. I’m about to leave. Seriously bummed.

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I’m doing great! Thank you for asking.

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Do you want to talk about what’s stressing you out?

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I generally feel bad but i think too high of myself to get me some help

i’m always bummed. also don’t feel bad or weird about seeking help in any form

I have been achieving a lot of self-goals recently and becoming a “successful” (albeit from own perspective) person yet the imaginary neuro-rewards you imagined getting post these rewards is non-existent. I’m sure you can relate in Some Ways

i generally feel very mello, not really good not really bad, maybe a little bad. i dont need help tho i just need to find some more fulfillment in my life.

More common than you think. Perhaps a look into existentialism

Yes, I think so. But I find when things are starting to get bad & serious in life, that’s when the neuro-rewards come in. Like you’ve been banking them up and now you’re making the withdrawal.

Not bad & serious like depression, but like tragedy, the end of a period of happiness.

Yeah I think many people do go through times in their lives when they feel like this. I’ll take a look, thanks benny!

This should be the blog thread but people are dumb

Tfw u sleep with 15 year old girl and imaginary neuro reward turns out to be non existent

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Hi I hope you don’t build up too much stress and feel better soon. feeling bad sucks and it can be hard to pick yourself up or get help

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if you feel bad you a bitch for real

Your wrong.

feel shitty right now for the first time in a couple days feels shitty etc