HBIP-001 Hbotz Improvement Proposal

HBIP-001: An Elegant Solution to Combat Excess Pedantic & Masturbatory Verbosity and Diarrhea

Author iNDo0R_5T0RM
Status Draft
Type Standards Track
Category Core
Created 2020-09-31


At the behest of @electrowizard this proposal is being submitted to remove the poster @hbotz's post generation capabilities and limit him to responding to other user's posts with emojis.

A cursory examination of forum archives has revealed @hbotz struggles to communicate with his fellow posters without angering them and is unable to do so without bloviating for 1000s of posts.

Rationale / Motivation

Given the sheer volume of recent additions to the namafia.com emoji library,

See: :tensesmash: :pepegagun: :youdied: :xqcslam: :masonwidewalk:

@hbotz should in theory be able to flesh out a concise yet expressive language with which to interact with other users.

@hbotz will be able to fully explore "hbotzlinguistics" to his heart's content while still ensuring favorable outcomes for the rest of the community because everyone loves having their posts tagged with emojis.

Example of a favorable outcome:

This is in keeping with his wishes and will guarantee the atrocities observed in the wittgenstein thread can never happen again:



wait this is... fine? i can get behind this. i will just emoji bomb anything i disagree with and i wont explain why because i cant :thinking:

technically you will still be able to post in your own language, just only in the crevices between other poster's posts

@huber can write a guide on how to decode the runes which will be stickied to the front page, our very own Rosetta Stone

You're a stupid virgin stop bullying my friend

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thats best new user august 2020 youre talkin to. fix ya tone

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God thems some good Emotes.

tfw you don't speak hbotz-ish

@iNDo0R_5T0RM it appears that the post generation restrictions are failing

I think the problem is that users can only react to posts with a single emoji, for this proposal to work @hbotz needs to be able to react with multiple emojis strung together in complex patterns.

@SOPHIE this is hampering adoption of the proposal

i can disable that but it also makes me feel like i would be opening pandoras box


@iNDo0R_5T0RM need a proposal for correcting brains rotten by liberalism. Is insom savable?

i don't really care if he want's to play the lib politic game within the confines of his own thread

Fair enough: he hasn't leaked it into the blog for a few weeks.

Tell me though, do you believe there's a cure for lib-brain? Or is it terminal?

I don't know, when I look at most people's political convictions I'm always surprised how fervently they believe them. There's usually some surface treatment of complex issues with no trepidation or doubt that they might be wrong.

And then I think of the Mencken quote “It is the dull man who is always sure, and the sure man who is always dull.”

Republicans & Democrats look like marauding bands of soccer hooligans. Sapienz jus wanna mass up n throw handz.


Especially with how transparent it is now. It takes a long series of mental gymnastics to be willing put trust in any of these people. They don't realize they're not fighting for ideas anymore.

most people can't even articulate why they're voting for person X in any way beyond "I don't want person Y"

it's like anti-voting or something

That's exactly what it is