Heartbreak Stories

Anyone have any?



here i sit broken hearted
tried to poop but only farted


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but better that
than take the chance
of trying to fart
and poop my pants

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Over a long enough time line, everyone's pants pooping rate goes above 0%

Yeah because i bring up the average so much

(pants shit in by author)

humble yourself it's a bookend for human life. you start out shitting your pants and you end up shitting them again if you're lucky enough to live that long

Still weird

life is the weirdest thing we've found in the universe so far

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big true

we’re really just out here chilling with rocks and gasses having a whole ass consciousness

How would you know bitch ■■■■■?

jdance does not appear town here. likely an alien infiltrator

rivers of ethane and methane on titan. not having a plan to utilize that is heartbreak