Hearthstone thread

Have been playing recruit warrior on my friends account, it’s fun but too expensive for me to craft. Hope control warrior is viable when the new set launches as I think its my favorite class

what yall get for your free golden legendaries

i got the pocket galaxy (one of the three I wanted)

and the shaman spell which i kinda want to disenchant but prolly wont.

I got double spell Shaman battlecry and Druid spell. Bleugh.

im sorry for your loss

those are both very good?

better than the fucking priest legendary

Didn’t preorder packs but I got Dr Boom for logging in and the Shaman Legendary spell in 35 packs purchased with gold. Not too unhappy I guess but a 3rd would’ve been nice - I got the Shaman Legendary on the 4th pack

yeah but if they’re not the ones you wanted it’s still disappointing

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got the druid one but didnt feel like playing.

someone post a good rogue list and ill craft it and play tomorrow

Laughs with extreme vigor and stamina

That’s not a rogue list


Well done.

ill just put in gadgetzans and 28 other cards and give it a whirl

gadgetzan is probably too slow soz

Just play whatever new deck concept they made for rogue

the rogue list is most possibly 2x giggling inventor 2x fok, 2x si7, thalnos and 23 other cards

most decks are 2x giggling inventor and 28x other cards

Nobody saw that coming!

im farming zoo with druid (giggling inventor druid (giggling inventor, savage roar, branching paths combo))

i turned on game sounds just to hear my inventor giggle.