Hearthstone thread

Bluehole does it again…a masterpiece from start to finish.


ah fuck I didn’t notice this thread when I made mine

I’ll merge this one into yours later :slight_smile:

What’s everyone’s opinion of the constructed meta? Things have gotten pretty dull IMO with the whole ‘cheating out’ big monsters with no penalty such as recruit hunter, cubelock, taunt druid, spiteful etc…

Quite stupid because the reason shits at 7-8-9 mana is that you have 7-8-9 mana removal to counter it but when you can summon 5 7/7’s with charge it fucks shit up.

But im rank 13 so what do i know hehe

druid is broken, blizzard pls fix.

Well, it’s pretty busted on both sides, but it feels like most games are a battle of who draws into their broken stuff first/has better draws rather than skill at this point presuming people know how to pilot their decks.

I think oakheart should have never been printed. It’s such a dumb card.

mecha-jaraxxus pre orderer here

Druid is going to somehow be even more retarded next expansion honestly quit shocking if you ask me

I spam 3 different variants of Odd Rogue. I think I can get to 5 this month, maybe.

i wish the warrior Dr Boom hero card was like a mech version of deathstalker rexxar with wild mechs in the pool as well but i guess the one they have is okay

Reminder I literally made the best hunter deck.

Can’t be very high rank lol

I ran a cube hunter deck w trap engine using spells tone… It was OK, I climbed to rank 2 but it really sucks vs hard aggro like odd rogue and ghoul lock.

I also think the deck started performing better when I cut all of the chargers except for crush for more defensive monsters like witch wood griz

ironstove x numeta

the makings of a hearthstone godking deck

Cube hunter is not t1 but it’s really fun to spawn 5x king krush on board

cube hunter is tier 1.

Cube hunter is 100% tier one. What lol

golden dr boom day 1 craft. who says no?

I think he’ll be meta eventually so I don’t think it will be that bad of a craft if you go for it