heroes of the storm

does anyone play this and wanna party up? :^) Love doin quests with palls!

epok#1632, i play atleast a game a day usually :eyebrows: fun stuff!

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AHh…Silly me! Can’t believe I forgot my gamertag O_O Gogey#1175

How free is it and can you teach me :blush:

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Very free but it’s hard to get into if you didn’t get the free hero pack promo they were doing. They don’t give you any free stuff as a new player, you’re highly dependent on the free hero rotation, and quest gold still makes it take a while to grind for heroes.

And yeah sure, the games easy to teach. You just need the map mechanics and to learn hots heroes. Pretty easy though. I’ll do some ai games with you if you’re down, also got an alt so I can noob it up with you lol

Murky and Abathur were the only fun heroes when I played.

i enjoy micro-intensive units so all the ones that cookie cutter assassins that stutter step and live with 200 hp because of __ are fun to me so i like stuff like raynor/the huskar guy/fenix. besides them chogall ktz thrall butcher lunara stitches tyrael sonya falstad azmo chromie kinda-guldan genji garrosh blaze li ming junkrat hanzo n medivh are all fun. dunno who i missed idc lol thats a pretty good list

no idea who half of those are Lol. Havent played in a very long time

yeh give the gaem another try, new fun maps too n stuff. i really like volskaya foundry minus the camps, the new wc map has some good games on it too

Aw man so it is like LoL where you gotta work towards obtaining heroes or you gotta buy them outright? That’s lame.

idk how LoL quests work but the blizz ones are pretty comfy just play/win games as ___, and its really easy to level everyone to 5 and get a ton of gold that way too. honestly its not too big of a deal to be broke, theres always gonna be one guy on rotation you like, and theres usually enough variation to do your quests anyways. if you like the game itll be easy to adjust since at some point youll just play garrosh and be like oh yeah he’s like tiny with axe-style ults

Ya I can’t really speak to the difficulty of obtaining heroes, since I’ve played on/off since alpha and have like 80% of who I actually want to own +4-5 heroes worth of gold banked up.

It’s pretty easy to learn in that if you’re the slightest bit mechanically skilled, you’re 90% there for all but a few heroes. A lot of the difference is in how maps play since they’re all so objective based (but the global exp share, mercs etc. have to be weighed against it). I have a couple of RL friends who started recently and the ones who played league picked it up p quickly micro-wise, but i’ve found macro shot calling tough because a lot of things that seem fine (rushing to objectives, taking mercs without an objective up/immediately incoming, turning in map currency) are just straight up bad and potentially game-losing without good map awareness/understanding, which makes translating those to less experienced players really annoying.

also it insanely tough to solo carry a pub. If you’re not a friendly team chatter who can encourage people to group up, ranked seems insane (I’ve only really calibrated for mount so far, it feels like half the people in any game are just absolutely insane)

What do you mean when you say insane? And I can’t recommend soloing at all unless it’s ranked or draft

just ur standard pub games in a moba insane i think

everyones insanely set in their ways which is bad for a game that values teamplay more than individual skill

also drafting is hilariously stupid but tahts a moba

my boy epok is a great and positive player in this game of hots


needs more hybrid classes

is this game any good? dont @ me

yeah better than it used to be for sure