Hey guys gonna be doing a bees interview on the fall of nadota

If there’s anything you’d like me to ask post it here and I’ll see what I can do

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can i not be referred to by name for my involvement in the destruction

cool, if its good ill pop it in premium OC

  1. when did you know it was over?

What is J’s email?

Go all out. No softballs. These people need to be held accountable.

  1. Why’d it go downhill
  2. What was the catalyst that pushed it over the edge and got the site shut down
  3. Thoughts on J
  4. What was your dream for the site
  5. What did you want to do but were prevented from doing
  6. Why weren’t you able to do it
  7. If u could do it all over, from the start, what woudl u do different
  8. Advice for the next generation

Confirm/Deny this

how does Bees relate to this at all? Wasn’t he just head admin at the time it shut down?

Did he actually play a part in the site closing?


what’s ur dick like

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Okay… can you explain it then?

can you rank the moderators of nadota at the time of its closing from worst to best?

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You should just ask him directly. Now’s your chance

I’m asking you.

Great stuff so far guys keep it going

Really trying to get a deep dive into the mind of nadota’s last true admin and I’ll need your help


last true admin

True admins have no idea what to do with a backend right? Keep your head in a helmet kid, your brain might ooze out.



Yes, you’re the one making claims Bees was directly related to NaDotA shutting down, I want to know why you’re saying that

I’m not sure ya’ll understand how high up this really went. I’m not going to disclose the value of the check I received from ((((REDACTED)))) when ((((REDACTED)))) lost modship and the site fell, but it wasn’t funny money.