Hi there

Gonna need you to fix my title thanks

I am white

You’re not beesa beesa isn’t white


Can i get the title : Mike Adriano


Drinkin’ Henny, goin’ brazy, poppin’ pillies


I did Mike Adriano cuz the other one long as fuck


I’m back uhhh I can’t highlight posts to quote on my iPhone anymore is this a me problem or a site problem cuz it used to work

Lmfao the shmurda verse off that track

Prison payphone bobby on the beat

Fixed it apparently I have to double tap then slide over the words? This some weird shit

i dont use that method to quote anyways but yeah i remember selecting like that instead. i think it depends heavily on your browser and kb but i never tried iphone eihter

Using chrome on iphone

I can do what you were describing tho. Did you set your long press to be shorter yet normal setting is shit