Hillary Clinton & the DNC commit treason

Russiagate: Err... So Hillary WAS Spying On Trump?! - YouTube

Prove me wrong

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lmao i didnt realize that russell brand was a grifter

numeta whats your highest level of education and what do you do for a living?

how are you improving your life right now?

"anyone i dont like is a grifter"


Russell brand tried to hock some woowoo newage spirituality video course about two years ago

haven't clicked the link in this thread so idk whats being accused here but he definitely has some grifter traits

John Cena has a very good way to solve this and that is to comply with the Chinese National News Outlet. They are giving you high quality and HONEST news. That is the only way to keep the peace. Also labor camps.

he is literally a grifter

are you upset that the people that you like are grifters?

We on the right will trade russel brand for hasanbi

hasanabi hold too much power over women. unfair trade

russel brand looks like a meth head

He was

Hassan is fat now and the guy is too autistic to fuck bitches anyways

he still pulls bitches idk dude

i know why u want him

"anyone who says stuff I agree with must be legit"

I agree with this

anyone who says stuff I agree with on Facebook YouTube or Twitter is Legit

Incase you shit for brains are not aware, it's a proven fact (Durham investigation) that HRC and the DNC colluded with all of the media to create the russigate hoax

and HRC paid tech comps along with Perkins Coie to infiltrate both Trump tower and THE WHITEHOUSE

Eat shit and cope reetards