Saladin's army pouring out vessels of water from lake Tiberias in site of the thirst crazed crusaders at the Horns of Hattin.

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winged hussars in general

actually there was a story about a polish lord with a few thousand men who held off an invading ottoman force for a really long time and at the end when the ottomans were pouring in he blew up a massive store of gunpowder and destroyed the fort so they couldn’t use it and killed hundreds (thousands?) with the explosion

the siege also lasted so long and was apparently so stressful for the ottomans that the sultan literally died and this event is credited by some historians as saving Europe since that force was headed to Vienna but the sultan decided he wanted to capture this fort on the way and wouldn’t give up when it proved really difficult

this was nearly 100 years before the battle of Vienna so it really set their whole turn europe into a caliphate plan back a long long way

let me see if i can remember what it was called

learned about it in this video, it’s #5

pretty incredible story

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When Kutaku, a Tatar noble in service to Ghengis Khan, was sent to destroy the army of Jalal Al Din, prince of Kwarazm, but Jalal's afghan/turk forces simply dismounted and shot the mongol army to shit with arrows


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Imagine your society being anti-intellectual, incredibly warlike, and having a rough 7-1 ratio of slaves to freemen but only being remembered by most of western civilization for being 300(+1000 Theben) soldiers providing a 4 day speed bump against the Achaemenid punitive expedition to Greece for inciting revolts in Ionia