Ha Ha Ha!! HA!!! Lol

:leaves:Nemo Martin :leaves:
:leaves:Nemo Martin :leaves:
happy #InternationalNonBinaryDay ! We make up about half of all non-cis people but are still not legally recognised!

#ThisIsWhatNonbinaryLooksLike - except not for long, because - :drum::drum:

Within the next month, I’ll be starting Testosterone.

It’s been far, far too long. :sunflower:

ahaha! you got me good there brendan!

I wouldn’t dare say this in public but considering I’m among fellow monsters I posit: why are they all so ugly? Does being non-binary make people ugly or do ugly people swarm towards things to make themselves feel ‘beautiful’ ?

I knew a really cute girl who came out as genderfluid and then began to dress and present herself poorly. I believe it is intentional. Not sure the reasons because i never wanted to ask. Cool person though.