How are you going to spend UBI when we get it?

going to use it to simp on twitch personally

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no you arent

jdance would probably spend it on diet pills or something

or one of those machines where it just vibrates ur belly

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That's not for your belly


sorr ytim a virgin/

i dont get UBI but if i did id definitely spend it on some natty ice or some shitty rum or something

Just spend it all on blow

wayyyy too expensive of a hobby. Your classism is showing

Blowing your ubi on blow is genius that’s my answer too lmao

You could def flip it for profit or to stay even and enjoy

idk what it's like in your neighborhood but moving yay in michigan is sketch as fuck

even pushing addies/vyvanse is dicey

hope you had fun golfing today my guy. i hit trees with plastic frisbees really well today

Just was hitting at the driving range gonna actually golf in t minus 10 hours

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You just gotta be savvy and only deal with friends and their friends

yea but friends have friends who do dumb shit. i only sell to use so i don't force any clientele i don't trust explicitly. especially prescriptions

Of course. Unless you’re trying to ramp up distribution you never need to make the sale

Drug culture


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Clean up on aisle how about you post what ur spending ubi on