How do we stop mass shootings?

Brainstorming thread, the epidemic seems to get larger every year, the american public is always burdened with this one anxious thought of what's gonna happen if i go to this concert or public event, which we all can agree that we certainly dont deserve or have to put up with. So i'll be happy to discuss some points and solutions about decreasing mass shootings.

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  • Gun control. Certainly a hot topic of discussion, what i've realized is nobody discusses the intricacies of these so called policies, or how they're going to be enforced state - by - state. It seems that the public isn't even serious about this, and discussion only flares up for a brief period of time after every killing. How do we promote awareness on the issue?


If humans stopped coalescing en dense masses then there will be no mass shootings

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well the cities gotta go

harlotry, drunkenness, organized crime, gambling, adultry, sodomy...

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i think we nuke the US, problem solved

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Honestly, the real answer is remove big pharma perscriptions for alledged "" mental health "" and stop (((Them))) and the fbi/cia from influencing already feeling isolated and alone impressionable youth to create these shootings to impose gun control.

These mental health perscriptions have been known to decrease sympathy and increase apathy toward other humans. It literally forces you to view others as robots/not alive, thus making you feel okay with destroying them. They know this, and all they need is just a couple of pushes and suggestions coupled with isolation and bullying from others.
Feds, cia and most politicians keep the game going until each law abiding citizen is disarmed.

what are the stats on shooter-meds though thats my question?

statistically most mass shootings are carried out by and against city livers

They're all 18-24 year olds

big pharma already got the fix in, good luck finding the real stats on that. You'll find mostly bullshit articles telling you "its not the drugs!!!" while admitting yes a lot of mass shooters are on them.

They lose a lot of money if people find out.

Refpsi is right, when i was on mental health medications I was completely suicidal, it was only after I got off of them I began to want to live my life

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The internet is the problem really. Lack of social interaction and facial connection