How do you guys invoke hidden power?

Before you is a task that seems damned, it is slightly above what you feel you are capable of, failure is in your midst, you close your eyes and attempt to channel all your will and strength to ascend beyond your limits.

What do you think of?
What feeling courses through your veins?
Do you feel how close failure is?

I think of all my anger, all my sadness, the pain echos through pathways of my brain i've long sealed off, things i rather not remember, I become so sad i am starting to cry but so mad that my muscles are filled with strength. I hear the suffering of my soul, my sanity flees my mind, it is as if am afraid to fail and ready to die, i realize I am set up to fail at this attempt but I refuse. It is only then, do I know that my gods will hear me.

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Headphones on. John Mayer - Edge of Desire. 2x speed

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Sia - chandelier (alternative version) and sing along with appropriate volume levels to match the song. Nothing feels more raw

death grips

If you believe you can get it done you will get it done.
Visualize the end result and let your brain take care of the rest.

Recall all the times you actually said. "Okay I need to get this shit done" and you got it done despite how unprobable it was.

you also need a burst of energy to jump start whatever that you are about to do. that's why people listen to music that gives them energy, drink coffee or whatever else motivates you.

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two words: magic tulpa

thanks for the replys guys. glad im not alone in the quest for power.

2 espressos and 60 milligrams of amphetamines should be enough - more or less depending on your heart's health

lysergic acid diethylamide

bust a nut real quick to clear my mind

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I just chant to myself under my breath. Just fucking do it, just fucking do it, just fucking do it you retard until said task is accomplished or got my self to start.

Its usually not doing the task at had, but starting it.

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i think he was right, but we're not saiyans. Some people are transcended humans.

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I wish I could control when I go manic rather than it just happening to me


Honestly this thread is really stupid and you should probably go download a Tony Robbins tape or something.

But in regards to overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles I always remind myself that there has never been a situation or problem that I haven't been able to think my way out of and I guess when you get a good number of these under your belt, as I have, you become more confident in your ability to intelligently navigate them.

I take great inspiration from the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the crew of Endurance:

I just think of the 1man1jar guy and what kind of training regimen he did before deciding to ascend to jardom

I transcend when I nut

nah this thread aint stupid, this thread is human, a lot of men want to know what i asked.

some people do feel like orgasming gives them power. not me i feel it makes me weak.

it definitely helps clear my mind. i get all unga bunga emo if i dont nut for a while