How is COVID-19 affecting The Bazaar? (And. Can there be a flavor text on a card to show respect?)

Hey all. Hope you are all safe during these unique times.

It's day 16 of self isolation for myself and family. And I guess enough time has passed where my mind trails off and has decided to start thinking of how excited I am about The Bazaar. Where it started to get me thinking about how the current stages of the game are being affected with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

My question to Reynad (besides hoping you are safe too, which isnt a question but I digress.) himself is:

"Have these current circumstances had any impact in the construction of the game?"

I'll elaborate and say I'm completely aware that times are tough and I do not mean to sound insincere. I am just curious if due to the fact more people are home (like the design team or writters as an example). Has this been a big bump in the road for you and the dev team? Or are things still according to agenda? Or perhaps even progressing slightly faster than one would expect? I am just curious to know.

Lastly, that question then gave me an idea about the flavor text of 1 card in particular. I dont know what the card can entail. But, would it be possible to show respects of this pandemic through a card? I know the Bazaar is not political game. And this isn't a political stunt. This would be just a way to pay respects to many who are affected. Let's be honest, the world is not the same as it used to be a couple weeks ago. I feel like a card that could remind us of how we spent these past weeks in isolation would tailor to many players. And every time we would stumble across it we wouldn't think of just loss, we would think that no matter what we got through this via unity through a community.

Let me know what any of you think. There's lots that can be considered. Again stay safe all you peeps that are excited for this game.

I'm about to go to bed and hope day 17 is another good one.


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