How to stop radianting danger aura?

So i have a problem, people always sense a dangerous aura from me. Like as if Im cursed or damaged. I mean i am damaged and jaded but like how do they sense that?

My friends rely on me to protect them, they always have as a result i just always am viewed as dangerous, unpredictable and otherwise demented. I dont think theres a cure, the damage stems to deep. thankfully i have people who tolerate it at most.

This question is best asked to a professional

Back up straight and dress cleanly

maybe i do dress oddly.

Back up straight is bad advice. Bad posture isn't something you can just "stand up straight" to fix. It will often require you to do months of stretching and strengthening of the back.

nah i stand up pretty straight despite scolliosis, all it do is give me a slight lean

i be wearing dickies work pants with the cargos, and usually a plan t rocking air force ones.

if you say you're a "protector" it seems like you're more of an agitator or just someone looking for a fight

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Refpsi unfortunately you completely lack any form of self awareness. You probably had a shit IQ roll. You should take a lot of ketamine

What's wrong with having a "danger aura" though? Girls might even be into that shit

maybe idk, im def the more aggy one of the group.

I just worry they wont do anything, they told me a lot of stories that make me feel like i need to be on guard because they wont do anything.

Yeah i suppose its not the end of the world, i just worry it negatively effects those around me, like hurts my team mates or some shit.

I mean if you just want to look straight, get a haircut, dress like you're going to a job interview and get some new shoes

Klaze is giving bad advice

i have long hair. so i wanna keep my long hair shit is sexy.

yeah it's probably bad advice to do the above and you should probably just be you and not worry about auras

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what kind of advice is this? I would never do ketamine, and i may lack self awareness but i dont believe im so dumb i should throw my life away to hard drugs.

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thanks bro.

imma just keep living my life, im tryna stay true to myself

Come on bro hard drugs aren't hard drugs ig they aren't addictive

Unfortunately you are evil sorry but I dont want to lie to you

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evil? I dont think im evil.

I have interesting view points maybe, but evil is something im far from. i dont do harm to anyone but myself. I have a lot of internal battles that i fight constantly. I am unstable and most people can see that, i have an distant yet dangerous demeanor and a lot of what i say gets misinterpreted as if Im no good.

I just finished self harming and crying in the gym i own... Look i aint perfect i deal with a lot of inner turmoil. i fight for people who would never bleed for me. I am guilty only of projecting the compassion i have for others as if the feeling is mutual. I know deep down people dont see me as human... it was my first time harming since my wife left.

I suffer daily, but at the same time i realize the beauty of suffering and internalized joy. I have very maniac episodes and i cant even explain them properly to people for coping. I just accept it for what it is. Its me. I usually am okay until the fall, then its very hard to explain what im doing, why im doing it, and finding the drive to keep going.

but i realized in my darkest hours, that many of my ancestors and people before me, must of all felt like i feel and they made it through, thats the only reason i havent blown my head off, I want to make them proud, proud of a man who felt it all and kept going. I only wish that life captures my lowest lows and highest highs, certain people deal with certain things better, thats why pain and suffering will always be relative, i can take the physical from my own harming but the emotional one seems to astrally and spiritually harm me beyond belief making me wondering why my soul is so vunerable, but i can say for sure, my will and soul are not weak. and i'll always keep going.

I picked up harming when i had a hard time coping with the fact my wife was emotionally invested and making relations with other men. I close my eyes and the wounds on my arms feel like a hug from god.

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