How's the weather thread

It’s a perfect 73 degrees and sunny with just a light breeze. Currently sitting in my car, windows down, listening to some indie music.

79 and sunny in LA as usual

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Entire week will be like this

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Good fall weather nice overcast sky

My yard is a giant puddle and I really need to mow.

Kinda cool tonight. Wore my mesh armored jacket and the cool humid air really got to me while I was doing about +60mph.
Still love that it’s getting cooler.

First cold day today.

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Yeah, I switched from mesh to leather yesterday. Mesh got a bit too cold in the morning

68 degrees here fall is coming feelsgood

70 and partly cloudy!

It’s still way too hot

really sunny day in la rn

Walking my dog in st. monica with the pals

can confirm

Typical 90 degree fall day, reporting in.

I dont want it anymore