This patch blowssss

This looks like a good patch to be a middle liner.

"Fountain now has a fury swipes style attacking, increasing its damage by 3 for each hit."
Reddit has been asking for this for a long time.

Lmao that stacking blade mail bug



i haven't played in a few years but theres a mid lane creep camp?

do they mean the radient ancients camp that you can stack easily while midding?

hot take but 6.78 was the best dota.

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can we just revert to that but add all the missing heroes.

googled randomly to find an example but theres two camps nearby mid on each side

oh huh the map looks way more symmetrical than it used to.

yeah rip flavor

silver edge change is stupid

i like the map changes tho, the camp placement on the old map was stupid as fuck


This is a horrible patch, it feels like valves just mashing the worst parts of 6.xx and the worst parts of 7.xx

Its already been figured out, offlane autoloses because all the offlane tools like creep cutting, soul ring, double waving under tower (tower dmg changes), halbred, etc got gutted.

Mechanics changes to armor means all the heroes that rely on armor thru their spells to stay alive like timbersaw just completely drop off after laning. If you were not aware, 225 armor on the old patch = 100% phys resist, and every point towards that number would increase your EHP non-linearly. Now its 1 armor = 6% EHP from physical attacks, which is far worse. The only heroes who deal massive physical damage are all safelane carries so they just shred everything because armor sucks now. Every other hero role in the game got completely shit on. If you want to win MMR, play safelane only.

this patch is for mongos that want to brawl like apes. unfortunate. was really liking the farming dota again.