Huber appreciation thread

Because I think today he needs it.

You're great man. You're thick. Tight

you have what it takes

I would like to also point out we need a pizza delivery appreciation day.

Thanks for your service jdance, your job has a higher fatality rate than police officers but you don't murder people for a living. Good shit

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Yeah my car insurance doesn't know I deliver pizza. I pay $33 per month for insurance because I lied about everything

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Judge tries to find me guilty? I'll scream fuck you and white noise the courtroom


Slowdive and I are best friends now

I was thinking about this in the shower

I think about you in the shower

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This is pretty hilarious

I think me and matthew being ok with each other was the plot twist no one expected

I’m saluting all of you

Are you just drinking all the time now? What is the point of your tours

thanks you are all swell as well

I’ve had little to no booze this year

Sorry if I led anyone to believe I drank a lot

I like @huber

He's pretty likable