Huber Learns Language - Arabic

I will be pretty bored over the next few months, so I am gunna pick a language and try and get from zero to B1 in two months. I will make it a thread and post updates and shit. Help me pick. Open to any language not listed too. Just post it. But I want it to be something I have never studied.

  • Swedish
  • Okinawan
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Cantonese
  • Malay
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Mongolian
  • Russian

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In the end I will pick whatever I want but this will help me decide.

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i really enjoyed german. ruski my 2nd pick

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learn an indigenous american dialect

linguistically i dont think there's anything that even comes close

He's gonna have to live on a reservation and talk with the grandmas for 2 years

I highly suggest Irish

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What about cornish

What language did aphex twin speak use that one

I don't think cornish has that most cultural significance.

One of my favourite irish rap songs currently:


After the restoration is cumplete,

You must learn Arabic and bring KZZ back into our fold.

Together with your powers combined you will decode the mysteries of Alhambra.

There you will find the key to unlocking the STARGATES


I've changed my answer to arabic. Please turn all the muslims to our lefty side so that we may all commit holy jihad upon the plagueland known as Amerikkka. Inshallah brother

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me and iaafr are the only enlightened voters here


reconnect with (((your roots))) hewber

hewber is an anagram of Hebrew

it is wortten



You worship false idols

There is no Victor but Allah!

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It's bittersweet KZZ not being here. I'd like to think he's moved on to happier, greener pastures, but I miss him dearly.

Ich spreche schon ein bisschen Deutsch

close to what?