Human Benchmark

Post your stats.

First tries only (no grinding) - I only took the number one twice since I literally misclicked a number.

Really didn't understand the hearing one. I heard a load noise as soon as the test started

i'm afraid

Could probably get higher scores on reaction time (had 4 180-200s with 1 240), typing test (blundered a lot) and aim trainer, others I'm pretty satisfied with


hearing is fucked cause of going to shows, and i'm high right now.

stupid aim trainer uses my mouses dpi, i'm usually 99 percentile for shooting dots

Probably high-rolled a bit on the chimp test, failed on 12 twice before getting a relatively easy one.

I shit the bed on the verbal memory one by a mile lmao

Chimp test you just need to take time to memorize and outline a route with your mouse, numbers you read out loud split up 3-ways in hundreds/thousands

The number one was pretty easy, I worked at a call-center for nearly a year, prolly could've done better

What’s the site I’ll do it tomorrow

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I fudged number memory. I can regularly get 14

I also literally just woke up

I think my headset is broken or something

I literally hear a mega loud noise that can even be heard if I take the headset off as soon as the test starts, 0.1 sec in.

I have a brand new keyboard and mouse too so my typing was ass

Yeah I don't hear anything

Visual 14 is pretty insane though