Hunter Biden



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lvl 50 mafia boss vs lvl 5 crook

hunter biden -> hunter jilsen

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the judge threw out the prosecutors plea deal because it was so obvious it was a handout... lmfao

hunter biden does coke, bangs escorts, and doesn’t afraid.

real human bean

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funny how joe biden was actually the agent of a foreign government and not donald trump huh

Which one?

Awful thread

I'd like to see you do better.

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Republicans mad becauE hunter biden has a beauficul masculine penks

What is republicans?

the people that are jealous hunter biden smokes crack while getting footjobs

hunter biden has a more distinguished military career than you

i would trust all of trumps sons in a combat situation over you playing with tonka trucks in gayslamabad

aahhh .. hunter biden

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except he wasnt idiot

his son convinced some idiots to give him money because "my dad is joe biden"

he's a drug addict. he wanted money. it's not that deep. there's literally nothing to it beyond that.

funny how literally multiple around trump have been arrested for treason and colluding with Russia, what a real funny coincidence


yeah trump the guy under indictment yet again, the one who was openly criminal and has laughed at the law since 2016

the guy whos personal aide admitted under oath to colluding with a russian spy and selling them info about american voter data