I am completely incapable of reading the posts on this forum

I havent read a post in days. I click white threads and scroll to the bottom. I cant read the text.

What the fuck is going on

Wa me krank n' wa me wrooll


I just read the blog, shut up, and your math thread.
Then I move on.

I invented this genre of thread on nadota in like 2017.

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"didn't read" and "quotevote" are a sort of rhetorical venereal disease introduced to degenerate forum fauna

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Get over yourself.


Quote votes are top tier
Same with acronym posting

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Woah - this guy doesn't read the posts? Everybody watch out, he's not reading the posts.

This guy should be banned and probably locked up

hayby(How about you ban yourself)

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read this post

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Day like 6 of not reading a post on this site. I think i was able to comprehend an image in the wordle thread.

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I believe that this is a liminal space right ???

Im in a liminal space??????

Dont respond i cant read it

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Time to watch severance

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jdance is going hollow you gotta kindle a bonfire and use humanity to reverse the hollowing

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we're all pulling for you jdance