I am going to quit this forum

After realizing that this forum sucks when nobody posts on it, I will be quitting UNLESS

Goyclub is allowed to return
Asoul returns
Illemudelui returns
A2pas leaves
Krazykat is remodded

Thanks for hearing my demands

the irony here is u quitting the forum has more probability of bringing about some kind of renewed namafa.com renaissance than any of your demands being fulfilled

Is that div?


Well refpsi was banned



Im watching LOST again because covid

So don't leave so we can talk about that

Charlie didn't deserve to get done like he did

Charlie was kind of an asshole sometimes but he was indeed a quaint lad with a thick cock

Also claire was an awful person so he deserved better anyway

Well she turned awful but like her beginning backstory (It's been 4 or 5 years since my last re-watch btw) doesn't paint her as a bad person. The island and everything that came with it fucked her up.

But I do agree Charlie deserved better cause he seemed like a really really pure guy like Hurley.

I guess that's part of the reason Charlie and Hurley were so close, they are parallel in some ways, and Hurley goes on to be good enough to be the Protector or whatever.

I gave up my last rewatch midway through season 4 I think. Never made it through the show all the way except when it aired

you ever do shit like this?

Nah mark that shit as spam and move on.

doesnt work i get so fucking much of it

how do i unsubscribe? isnt it illegal to send spam e-mail without having an unsubscribe link

why do i need to leave

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I got a hexakill in valorant the other day

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