i am happy for like 15 seconds per day max

i am happy for like 15 seconds per day max

Dopamine detoxx. You masturbate too much and too much time looking at tranny sissification armpit fetish porn

i wake up and for 15 seconds i forgot who i am (amensia) adn then its back to 8 moth anhedonia.r

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less than 15 these days

How so? You're happy the whole time while watching your shows on TV.

I am failing to take control of my life (the offline).

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The offlane sry


Good joke. Can't believe I got tricked to make a real suggestion for you

LOST cures my anhedonia


Iim just waking up and going back to sleep to maximize my hedonia

why the fuck are you linking that game

you said you wanted to see an osiris dota game

skywrath has 0 base armor. get dazzled nerd

Was not happy at all today.

Was a little happy. More than 15 seconds at least

Really good day today (15 hour work day)

God to know some of the boys at work. Made em laugh. Good day

you are not gay for like 15 seconds per day max

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