I am officially old

Shipped my youngest kid to the 1st grade

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What are you doing for their college?


They are all getting straight As so far, got my wife's genes. Hopefully get good scholarships if not then community and then loans on their own.

No one gave me any hand outs.

or you could just vote for bernie and create a better life for your children

Make sure to tell your children that their outcomes are the result of their hard work and not their innate talent

I read Reddit too

My name used to be redditman

you got a lot of handouts being white from a middle class family

i mean i asked my parents and they lent me the money so i wouldnt have to pay insane interest rates. dont think there's anything wrong with that unless you don't have the spare cash laying around.

Who now days have spare cash laying around?

Im making 2% on my savings as a minimum and rest is in investment partfolio

I still have college loans of my own with 3.2% interest

I rather max out my 401k than pay those off

idk i dont ask questions. my parents are immigrants and came here with nothing so we grew up pretty frugal because we had to be and i guess they were able to end up saving some money as a result, long-term. it wasn't until recently that my dad stopped doing all the brakes and oil changes for everyone but he's still always buying things on sale when possible. they also somehow go down to the caribbean 2x a year for the past 10 years. we're not wealthy but i suppose my parents were just super careful and smart with their money.
the economy also changed like crazy though so im not calling you bad with money -_- inflation vs wage increases became so unfairly skewed im sure it's rarely possible to save much these days when you have a house and family. i suppose ill get to where you're at one day and find out myself

there's a bubble in passively invested funds you moron.

I hope your wife's 2016 Nissan XTera is a valuable trade for your child's future education.

the stock market itself is a bubble due to closet indexing (bogleheads.com)

I can't imagine making a human and being responsible for it for 20+ years and pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into it hoping it turns out alright

Ever trying about it sounds awful

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can you imagine doing that and then at some arbitrary point in time saying "I didn't get any handouts"

faz you do realize that generational wealth is completely built upon the tenets of nepotism and handouts

for someone so willing to peddle "5 ways to make @nyte love you learned from behavioral evolution" it seems extremely suspect to me....