i am on 160mg of adderall right now AMA

i am on 160mg of adderall right now AMA

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you’re retarded


drink some coffee play some shooters Bang bang

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:peepogun: :peepogun:

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same im having a glass of beefeater with my beans and rice

what are u doing whilst on addy

Jerking off most likely

playing league of legends wtf


i miss the two hour long JO seshes for one nut on addys

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How does it feel

honestly not crazy good its kinda weird especially considering how much im on

Stay safe drink water fam

220 now nigga

wtf do you even do on that much adderral

Stop abusing ur adhd meds

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yeah abuse ambien instead

don’t abuse any medications u fucking dweebs

what makes you think this is abuse