I am severely depressed

I am severely depressed

I do not feel alive

It feels like my consciousness isnt behind my eyes

I am not okay


Just feel better weirdo


Thank you this helped


pm me if you need to talk

depression sucks

I know it’s pride month but you don’t have to act so GAY


It does not help that asoul ruined the mafia game and the minecraft server

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It gets better

I recommend trying to be more genuine and less ironic/cynical

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When you repeat negative things like this over and over it starts to take over your life. To speak negativity is to give it power

Take a more positive view - try to speak it genuinely and breathe it into life. I guarantee you will feel better

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Positive change starts with joining the minecraft server and building a house for NMagane. Do something nice for someone else for a change.

You will start to feel better by focusing on helping others instead of just worrying about yourself.

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Suck a penis
Lick a vagina
Get pegged

Do 2 of the 3 listed above and you’ll feel better guaranteed

Don't do that nma

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I just went to 10 concerts and I am very happy. My advice is try going to a concert and having sex.


has anyone tried kratom?

Yeah but I'd prefer to talk that stuff in the lounge

Why do teenagers on bikes use the road instead of the path on the side of the road

They prolly suck

Vitamins, magnesium, work out. Get sucked off by that fat bitch of yours