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I've been struggling in 2v2's on nomad which is usually my go to. I pick persians and play pretty heavy water to secure my teammates fish boom as he fast castles but I think I may be overcommitting on water leaving my castle time too late and getting swamped by knights. My teammate is usually able to compensate and gimp one of them but I'm left kind of stranded in feudal for too long and become a liability and end up just slinging him res for most of the game. Probably need to get better scouting early on to get up effective walls but it's tough when you're going 2 persian dock fire galley production I have no res left over for any land army after vill production. Maybe lithuanians or malians would just be more consistent but I've always had a soft spot for persians ever since AoK

Gonna try getting town watch early and getting outposts up to see them coming

Byzantines could be the play as well with faster firing fire ships, free town watch, and cheap trash for feudal defense but the early fishing ship with the extra wood from persians is so nice

how good is turkey in the meta? theyre my go to

turks are strong on closed maps like arena where you can fast castle and abuse jannies+free light cav, getting chemistry immediately in imperial is huge too. they're too vulnerable and predictable for open maps especially nomad. not having a relevant eco bonus for dark age and most of feudal age makes them too slow. i guess you could play water with them on nomad but they don't have any relevant bonuses for that

not having elite skirm or even pikemen makes them really bad on open 1v1 maps. if you ever get put on defense and kicked off gold the game is basically just over

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turks are cool though still the only civ to not get access to elite skirm and one of 2 to not get pikemen

okay thanks. so dark/feudal age techs are far more important in general?

i just love getting fast jannies and running around with them

the best 1v1 civs on open maps have eco bonuses that kick in early on or are very defensive and versatile. turks don't really have anything to help them get castle age fast and your trash is complete garbage making defense really tough. ive seen people have success with scout rushes or even archer play but if you ever get pushed back the civ is terrible at defending itself

there's 42 civs some are bound to not be good on open maps 1v1

they're a monster on arena though probably one of the best

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which ones do you think are a combo of fun to play and competitively viable? or which one is your favourite

persians, byzantines, chinese, berbers, sicilians are my favorites

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nice byz are my 2nd fav

are berbers the ones with the cool ranged castle unit? or is that ethiopians

that was a question that google can solve my bad

not the one i was thinking of but that genitour/camel archer combo is nice nice

you're thinking of malians