I don’t sleep and I don’t go outside

This is it. This is life.


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maybe you should sleep more and go outside

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If u wan chill with da lil Crip boy HMU

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All I do is sleep and stay inside. It's not too bad...

Word on the street is that Terry watches anime. not me.

U know I’m all about that

Sleep and fresh air can be good.

Sike I ain’t posting here cya in 2020


why is it? does it have to be? what's preventing you from sleeping

not sure if this is a serious post or not but if it is i'd be happy to talk i've suffered from sleep disorder/insomnia since i was like 10 years old it can be pretty fucking life ruining if not dealt with

how did you dealt with it

honestly the biggest thing of all was getting prescribed a pretty high dose (100mg) of a drug called trazadone

it really really helped me sleep while also being a mild anti-depressant (but im really just taking it to sleep, the other part i just a side effect)

its totally non addictive, it doesnt lose potency over time (unlike 99% of other sleep drugs), and you just fall fuck the asleep after taking it , its great

other than that its just mental willpower such as force myself to take it at 11:30 or 12:30 and not wait until 4:00am

exercising every day, jacking off before you sleep, eating a little snack, having a shower, these all help as im sure you've heard 100x before, but when you're like me it can just sometimes be totally impossible to sleep even if you do all that, trazadone (at least for me) solves that

problem is it interacts with quite a few other drugs so you may not be able to take it or you may have to alter what you currently take if you want to try it

if lack of sleep is ruining your life like it was for me i fully reccomend just fuck all the other drugs your taking, ween yourself off them slowly and safely, and start taking trazadone working your way up to a 100mg dose. it totally changed my life once i was able to sleep each night.

i used to constantly stay up 24-36 hours then sleep 14 for weeks at a time on the most fucked up horrible schedules imaginable, waking up at 3:00am sometimes

its no way to live

CBD oil is nice too but i dont take that every day just once or twice a week when im trying to sleep and also having some really bad anxiety because it helps a lot with the anxiety part of that

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