I had a dream KZZ started posting again

Not on this website, but in general

kzz was killed by moonmeander.

When moon finally roasted kzz, kzz realized the truth, he makes too much money and is too sucessful to be playing with dota players who dont give a fuck about him or how bad their game is.

and with such honor and grace kzz did not even throw that game he just simply accepted dota isnt for people like him, its for faggots who want ot brag about tournament winnings while their game and their enjoyment of the game goes to shit, and those braggers slowly lose their ability to tolerate other people on the game.

RIP KZZ, was fun playing with you while it lasted.

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hope he's doing well

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hes probably actually started posting somewhere and ur spidey senses went off

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@alightsoul Secure the package

kzz was an interesting fellow.

his insults were fun to read.


<3:44:32 PM> kzz: im aghast
<3:44:34 PM> kzz: i cant believe
<3:44:39 PM> kzz: the world is filled with people like this
<3:44:43 PM> kzz: consuming resources
<3:44:48 PM> kzz: that would be better used on raising deer

turns out KZZ is pursuing a career in below-than-average lofi beats, with anime pictures and all

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I think I saw him yesterday wandering the grounds of Alhambra translating arabic inscriptions on the Moorish headstones the Christians had dug up to rebuild their walls with.

I wanted to say hi, but I was too shy.

i aspire to use an evidence based system for trying to understand the mysteries of the universe

for example: i have never seen noble wing play well in a dota 2 game therefore i think he's not good at dota 2. this seems like the simplest possible explanation, but it is by no means definitive. it is possible that noble wing plays well whenever i'm not watching

so i really don't see any conflict here. if noble wing wants to prove me wrong then he can become a successul dota 2 "e-athlete" or just play well in dota 2 games and email me some clips (tedk@gmail.com, please only send .mp4s). i don't really understand why he cares what i think, but i understand that puberty is a confusing time

reposting the video that killed kzz

already posted it. rip kzz

I love the smile on b9's face.

i was actually watching moonmeanders stream bc its 4;30am and no one else is streaming but this video made me turn it off

look at moomeander now, oh can't find him - just like kzz

the ones directed at me changed me

yeah honestly kzz was great.

He did the right thing quitting, dota has progressively turned worse.

he's sent me a smoke signal.

he's living peacefully in a remote cabin in the montana wilderness and he's doing very well.

saw kzz at an ember.js conference a few years back