I hate being egyptian

Yea I said it, i hate it. Everywhere I go, i get reminded of the fact that im a dirty sand ■■■■■■. Everybody keeps talkin about Arab unity arab this arab that, lmao fuck arabs man. These people love everything about us, our music, our shows, our culture, our history, the one thing they hate is US. They love everything that comes out of Egypt except for Egyptians. Ive been called a slave a couple times by moroccans, algerians and other arabs and ive even fought a couple of them because of that. I dont live in egypt but everytime i come back i get treated like shit because im “too foreign” for Egyptians and when i go back to canada im too egyptian for the foreigners. My own people, in egypt look at me like im some kind of low class kid because of the color of my skin and my hair. I wanna love being egyptian but im constantly being given reasons not to. I’ve had girls (and this only happens with fucking arab and sometimes egyptian too!) talk to me and seem interested but as soon as they find out im egyptian, they gone. But then you see on their sc stories them singing to Hamaki or Amr Diab, im like bruh what??? This is why i tell people that i dont consider myself Arab, i will not identify myself with a people and culture that shits on us everywhere we are, ask any egyptian that lives and works in the Gulf, and they’ll tell you how it is. Anyways I hope yall wake the fuck up and stop calling yourselves arabs these people do not like you, they hate the way we look(im talkin about us egyptians that actually look egyptian, if you’re a white Egyptian you’re blessed) and they hate the way we talk too, its like i dont even gotta be a shitty person for them to hate all i gotta do is speak. So ya i hate being egyptian, i wish i was anything else other than egyptian

im like bruh what???