I have been at the McDonald's drive thru for 9 minutes so far and it's still not here

Why is it taking so long for four mcchickens?

Update, got my mcchickens

@ersu @roragok @SOPHIE you may go ahead and close this thread.

Why are you eating four mcchickens? I have so many questions.
Why not just the 20 piece nuggets that has around an equal 20g of fat, carbs, and protein?

Because that’s like 9 bucks instead of 4

What’s the macro count on 4 mcchickens

40g protein idk I already ate

My bad 20 piece nugget is 50’s. I guess if you ate 4 mcchickens it’d work out to the same. But you can say you ate 20 of something…

I don’t eat fast food often but now I know that if I go to McDonald’s I’ll just get 5 mcchickens and throw away most of the buns. Thanks JDaNce

what happened to quitting fast food

What happened to why the fuck are you eating 4 mcd’s chicken shit sandwiches after midnight

Brother jdance you should invest in lentils. Make a big batch of lentil soup. You can make it with vegetables brother or chicken. Add some ham to it if you’re about that life.
So good. Easy to freeze and reheat.

I can get ham for the low, and lentils are cheap as dirt.
Chicken stock or brother is cheap and even cheaper to make.
Protein content will be way higher without any of the excess fat. Carbs will be able the same, but you’ll also be getting fiber and a lot more volume of food.

I didn’t feel like cooking today - it’s saturday and I just wanted someone else to make my food. This is within my rights

You should’ve asked me.

Been there before home slice. Too bad you live so far away. I’d kill for someone to get pho with at this time of night.

went to Whole Foods with my Ukrainian friend and ate beef stew and mashed potatoes

he approached and talked to about 2 girls in the 20 minutes we were in Whole Foods