I have transcended from Nazi to Simp.

Please just change my title to brown simp.
I wake up everyday simping, every girl i've ever hit on curves me, they can already smell the weakness on me. I cannot stop simping. I lost my way after my wife left me, im no longer alpha.

Each day feels empty, nobody i try to tell anything listens. People dont text me back. the closest thing i get to friendship is blatantly losing money traveling to the farm to buy people groceries....

I'm back to smoking weed almost daily, ironically this is how i was when i was best at dota and I haven't really been losing since my last big loss spree, but my motivation to play dwindles and my discipline to get things done has been erased.

At least i lift weights in my fucking basement and torture myself till i feel better, the skin around my knuckles has cracked and scabbed from repeatedly punching and ignoring the pain/cuts. Ironically this is when ifeel the best i've ever felt in a long time.

I wish i had forcefully impregnated my wife. Then at least I would have known the something i have to live for. I just keep going because my mothers bloood line is on the line, but when i think of all the children my father had, it wouldnt be too bad and my sisters cna carry the torch.

I will go back to grinding dota. Women arent for me, I accepted my life as a beta, i just refuse to fap so i'll always be sexually frustrated incel.

What the fuck is your problem.

Hedd of Bazil

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