i just ate [shitty meal]

post in this thread when you ate a shitty meal but you were hungry enough to eat it.

i ate shitty spaghetti

some ajvar on a pita

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Shitty sashimi at benihana for $60

Still waiting 4 my card

the nice thing abhout benihana is showing up 15 mins early so youre date doesnt know u smell like onions 100% of the time


Eating a microwave dinner because it's almost Friday and the fridge is empty.
Meat patty with smashed potatoes and some green beans.

lmao if u dont eat golden krust patties with some fucked up produce

The sashimi wasn't that bad. A bad service experience prompted that anger.

im hungry :(

Eat paper

Taco Bell for me tonight

water crackers + part of a costco thing of sabra hummus + hot sauce

chicken breasts and a can of refried beans

i guess it's not really a shitty meal but it looks like someone took a dump on my plate

tastes good tho

taste is all that matters. anyone who says otherwise is dumb

some kimchi with some cheese and a fried egg

my apartment smells like a fart

regardless of my cooking

it matters to me, i find visually appealing food way more tasty

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