I’m not saying dems + Obama are saints

9h I’m not saying dems + Obama are saints I’m sayin the GOP is slowly picking apart our democracy. As much as the left are still sponsered by donors and lobbyists, they aren’t commiting treason on a scale this big. Almost every single republican is a puppet. Obama is also by far the best president in my lifetime and in a lot of people’s lifetime. Only reason why trump won was because of our predetermined election process, and the fact that populism was on the rise. People are too dumb to research by themselves in most cases U can fault the dems for being just as slimy in terms of certain domestic perks, but at least they don’t undermine the constitution like the trump admin + repeblicans are doingcurrently regarding the mueller investigation

Certainly true, the Gop Politics are damaging the US at an alarming rate.

I disagree

Excuse me? Pence stated the Trump White House as Phenomenally Successful

Americans should be barred from discussing international politics on the internet

I would gladly lose this privilege so I don’t have to read another regurgitated DoS/Atlantic Council screed from a fat burger again



kksweet is so stupid he thinks “the left” means democrats. is american nationalism a fatal brain worm or something

I don’t endorse or purport any of the drivel above apart from those posts expressly posted by myself, jones.