I miss Jones so much

My friend Jones has been missing - can anyone help me get in touch with him?

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This webfprum makes me sick

I just want to influence an election then leave

I still have his number saved in my phone unless he switched phone numbers you could give him a call

His number is featured on his steam profile and website. I can't afford to make international calls though.

You can call any number with apps for cheap. I use LINE to call US numbers from Japan. Spent 5 dollars on credits once and I still haven't needed to spend more.

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Yes you can

This is hilarious btw

Supposed criteria

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there's something uniquely fucked about quantifying your amount of 'diversity'

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people sat in several meetings and organized/quantified this thing

blows my mind

that data display is cool when the levels make sense otherwise im not sure why you dont just have a Race: This Race designation under it instead of a decagon of garbage

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WoW Orc Warrior (Poverty - NonWhite (Aboriginal (Differently abled (Genetic (Genetic Deformity))))



Miss Shark/Miss Shark/Miss Shark/Miss Shark/Shark/Shark/Shark

notjones said he's going steady with Nyte again

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I don' believe this. your lying tome

That's what he said a few weeks ago. I have no reason to doubt him. Why would he say it if it wasn't true?

He lives in his own fantasy world is my guess.